A Word From Your Lake Valley Staff

A Word From Your Lake Valley Staff

What we are doing and how we are feeling…

I’m working on several initiatives with nonprofits and businessmen who are scattered around the U.S. So, I was already doing a lot of “Zooming” and working with dispersed teams – now I’m doing even more of it! Last week, I taught a course, “Spiritual Disciplines of a Missionary,” for the Center for Pioneer Church Planting down in the Rio Grande Valley. We usually teach down there for four full days. Last week was three half-days of Zoom teaching and discussion – and it went great. I just had to be more selective and creative than usual! – Dru Dodson

Ihave always heard and known that the Church is not the building, it is the people. And now, I am living it and really knowing. I recently went to part-time at Lake Valley and I am busier than ever! Since my two year old grandson, Owen, cannot go to daycare, I
am taking care of him on Mondays and Fridays. I am missing daily routines, holiday traditions, and my Lake Valley family! I will never ever dread April again. I am thankful for the flexibility that we have been given as support staff. I am thankful for Staff and Home Group meetings via ZOOM. I knew I lived alone before social distancing, but it has become reality to me. I can’t wait to look back at this time and see what God did in me and in others. – Sue Taylor

I was born for a crisis. I am not sure what that means other than I go into task mode. I am very confident God will bring us through this. I love helping and serving people. I have been checking on people and praying with Lake Valley individuals and families. I also am learning to equip and empower others to help and serve. This has been very rewarding to see the servants in the LV family. We have been zooming meetings from home, staff, elders and leaders. We are counseling through FaceTime and preaching to a camera. This has all been somewhat of a change, but we are adapting well. On the pastoral care front, we are limited on hospitals visits and funerals. This has been difficult, but necessary. I have seen a major interest in seekers during this time. People I know in the community who just want to talk and see what we “Christians” think. That’s been fun. I will be honest. I have not self quarantined very well. Some tigers justother than I go into task mode. I am very confident God will bring us through this. I love helping and serving people. I have been checking on people and praying with Lake Valley individuals and families. I also am learning to equip and empower others to help and serve. This has been very rewarding to see the servants in the LV family. We have been zooming meetings from home, staff, elders and leaders. We are counseling through FaceTime and preaching to don’t fit in the cage. Just got to be with people, but I have been disciplined to wash, wear a mask, and social distance. Looking forward to some greetings and hugs. Long ones. – Lamar Trieschmann

My spouse and I are working, so we have both been very blessed. The time spent at home with loved ones has been a blessing and a wakeup call to slowdown to listen for God’s voice. It also makes me realize how much I took our freedom for granted. I miss my people and the hustle and bustle of gatherings. It’s been amazing to see the way God’s body moves, even without weekly gatherings in the building. The church never has been a building or a location, something I’ve been blessed to see working on staff, but it’s now a very obvious thing for our body to experience for themselves and I am so grateful for the ability to see those hands and feet move! As a hugger, this has been a big trial so please be prepared for lots of hugs whenever we get the freedom to be near once more! – Abbey Cox

“It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.” – CHARLES DICKENS In some ways that describes the last few weeks. We all know the worst parts, so I won’t go into that. The best is that I’ve seen so much good come fromthis already. As we continue to meet with the church family through phone calls and Zoom meetings, I just sense that we are internally re-calibrating what is really important. I’ve had multiple counseling sessions on-line and that is a recurring sentiment. I have seen the body serve one another. I have seen the church finding ways to get involved in others’ lives in very creative ways. As I said last Sunday, I can’t wait toget back together and celebrate the resurrection together, but until then I will keep connecting in ways I can and will watch God work in the lives of His people. – Morgan Golden

It took some time to absorb what this corona virus and quarantine really meant: to me, to my family, to my church and to my community. But ultimately, what really matters is that we are family: we are a community. The ways I connect may have changed, but my love for those people has not. Merek, Jon and I Facetime with Jordan, and sometimes James, every night at supper. Our home group meets via Zoom every Sunday night for study, prayer and sharing what is going on in our lives. I have home group sisters
that I text and talk to several times during the week for support. CR is now using Zoom to facilitate Open Share Groups and Step Study meetings. We also
have CR partners that text and encourage each other during the week. As physical needs in our body arise, I have been able to assist the deacons to help meet those needs, especially during the damage from the storm Easter Sunday evening. Grocery shopping now means filling out the click list, and picking up items for our neighbors who fall into the high risk category. It also means resting in God’s provision for me during this time, taking time to listen to Him as He speaks to me. – Joanie Rowie

At first, we were three adults searching for our own space. Now we are a bit more settled. John is working every day in a makeshift office in the guest bedroom. Adam is back in his old room and teaching online. I am more of a drifter…kitchen counter, dining room table, bedroom reading nook, and some days coming into the church office. I’m working many fewer hours, but trying to help keep Lake Valley connected via email and social media. When I’m not working, I’m trying to stay positive, active and connected to family and friends, especially our two granddaughters whom we FaceTime regularly. And of course, like many of you, I haven’t cooked and cleaned this much in years! Honestly, some days are good and some days are really hard. One big blessing that has come out of this time is a great Bible study I am doing via ZOOM with several old friends and study partners from across the U.S. I’m praying that God will use all of this to help me grow in ways I would not have imagined and to look for His blessings in all things. – Dorelle Hogan

For Christmas 2019, I splurged on an expensive calendar/planner. It came with cute, fun stickers to emphasize upcoming events and I immediately began writing in all that I had planned for the spring and summer of 2020. I love having things to do on my agenda and places to go. I love planning events and setting up lunches and dinners with friends and family. I don’t thrive on being still and waiting. Enter COVID-19. God has used this virus to turn my attention to His plans and not my own. I am learning to take one day at a time. Some days it has been beautiful and peaceful. Other days, it has been ugly. There are no stickers in my calendar for those days. Besides trying to keep in contact with all our Lake Valley kids, I have been doing a lot of cooking, laundry, and dishes. Those tasks aren’t fun and would never have been worthy of writing in my planner, but now have become beautiful reminders of God’s blessings in my life. I pray that after this quarantine has been lifted I will remember how to be still, to take one day at a time, to be keenly aware of every blessing, and to seek God before my own agenda. – Amy Simmons

During this time I’ve been reminded that there is a whole world hurting out there and many of them are within a square block of my house. We get way too “busy” with our daily routine and forget to check in with our neighbors. There is a neighbor down the street whose dad had a heart attack and because of virus restrictions he couldn’t get in the hospital to see him. There’s a neighbor whose wife and adult daughter have both lost their jobs because of the virus. A neighbor raising several grandchildren and a disabled brother. And then, the neighbor just the next street over who hung himself on the back fence last Monday night. His wife passed away about a year ago and then he lost his job and had gotten in a deep state of depression. People need to know you care.
I have been encouraged and blessed as I have seen my sweet brothers and sisters at Lake Valley love and care for those in need. God bless you all. – Rick Davis

My job here at Lake Valley continues much as usual. There are still bills to pay, offerings to key and taxes to report. I may also be one of the few who really enjoy a degree of solitude from time to time. Maybe accounting does that to you. This time has most assuredly forced us to abandon our traditions, adjust our well laid out plans and acclimate to a new normal. Jimmy and I have talked so much about how God is using this. It’s showing the world it’s about Him and His purpose, along with a clear reminder that “We are NOT in charge”. In the midst of all the hurt it doesn’t take but a minute to turn on the news and see how communities are coming together. When was the last time you heard so much about prayer, saw and heard “AMAZING GRACE” sung in its entirety and our leaders talking about God’s grace on the national news? That is truly amazing! I mentioned enjoying some sabbatical time, but it doesn’t stop me from missing our Lake Valley family. Everyone here knows it is a passion of mine to meet visitors (although regrettably I miss some) and hopefully help them to feel at home and welcome. I miss that a lot! Also, we truly miss seeing our kids and grandchildren…but we do Facetime quite often. Isn’t technology great? I admit there have been times I really could have done without it…but what a blessing now; I’ve grown to give it much more respect. Our Home Group meets on Zoom on Wednesday nights and we’ve been using it for staff and committee meetings as well. I’m sure you’ve all used it, experienced the “Oh my gosh, my grey is showing. I hope you can’t see that on Zoom”. On that hair subject, I caught Jimmy watching a YouTube video the other day on how to cut hair. If you don’t quite recognize me the next time you see me, I was desperate! – Doris Fry

Well, I am doing more of what I don’t like doing… cooking and cleaning and less of what I love doing…shopping and dining out! We will get through this and will be much stronger in so many ways, especially spiritually. I have been forced to feel more comfortable with technology since that seems to be our way of connecting. I love and miss my Lake Valley family. Take care, stay safe, and we will hug soon. – Jan Wright