Advent Week 1 – Hope

Advent Week 1 – Hope

Advent Week One – Hope: The Hardin Family

Brittany, Alice, Leighton, and Fletcher Hardin

Can you tell us a little about your family?

Our story started as teenagers at UCA and continued on into our wedding at Garvan Gardens in the spring of 2008. We have since been married eleven years, and had our son Fletcher, who is seven, and Alice, who is five years old. Brittany is a Speech-Language Pathologist at First Step in Hot Springs, and Leighton is the Head Baseball Coach at Lakeside. Much of our time is spent growing and shaping young minds. We feel it is our purpose to inspire hope and direction in these children to further God’s Kingdom.

What brought your family to the Lake Valley family?

We first visited Lake Valley with Aerah Hardin, Leighton’s sister, while we were in college. We continued to visit other churches after we married and moved to Hot Springs. Lake Valley gave us the sense of belonging and community that we were looking for in a church home. We have been members for four years now. LVCC keeps us involved and challenges us to move forward in our walk with Christ. We love our home group; it is an extension of our family.

What is your biggest “HOPE” for this coming year?

As we both work with children, we hope our lives are an example of Christ’s love and guidance for those we teach. We hope that others will also see the importance of children and their role in changing future generations. It is important to lay the foundation of God in all our children to spread God’s unending love and message of hope. Children can reach out to other children in ways that adults cannot, so always encourage a child to step out in faith. We love the saying, “We rise by lifting others.”

How can Lake Valley pray for your family?

Pray that we are courageous in our efforts to mold the young lives in our community to make them bold in the purposes of God’s kingdom. We also pray over the lives of all children in knowing their true purpose and faith that God is preparing them for so much more. No one is lost to God, we are all children in His eyes.

Brittany Hardin