Advent Week 3 – Joy: Cody & Heather Webb

Advent Week 3 – Joy: Cody & Heather Webb

Tell us about your family.

We are Cody and Heather Webb. Our daughter Harper Wheatley is due in March. We have to include our fur babies, Ellie B, a Schnauzer, and Rosie, a Labrador. Cody owns and manages TCBY/Mrs. Field’s. Heather is an Associate Advisor with Bobby Brown Private Wealth Advisors. We have been married two and a half years. We are board members of Our Promise Cancer Resources and members of the Krauss Home Group.

What initially drew you to the Lake Valley family?

We joined the Lake Valley family because here we feel most comfortable and at home. There are numerous people in this church who have had significant impact on our lives. We love the home group we are a part of and love the laid-back atmosphere of the church.

Today you are lighting the candle that represents Joy. What does that mean to you?

Joy is a great word to describe our hearts right now. We are expecting our first child, Harper, who is due in March. We were diagnosed with infertility and struggled for two years trying to get pregnant. This was a very hard time on our marriage and on our trust in God. We were upset and confused as to why God would not bless us with a child. What have we done wrong? Were we not good enough? What were we not seeing? After really low times, we finally decided to let go of the stress, the anger, the hurt, and give it to God. When we did this, we immediately felt such a relief and a trust we had not yet known. In July of this year, we went through IVF (In-vitro Fertilization) and were blessed with a miracle of our own. Looking back, we now see so many reasons why God had us go through this waiting period. We joined Lake Valley, got involved in home group, strengthened our marriage and most importantly, strengthened our relationship with God. We are definitely blessed beyond all measure.

How can Lake Valley pray for your family?

We ask the Lake Valley family to pray for a continued healthy pregnancy for our baby girl, Harper. We ask Lake Valley to pray for others they know going through infertility or any other hardship in their lives. The encouragement and prayers from our family and friends lifted us up in the hardest times.