Advent Week Four: PEACE – Sametta Lindsay

Advent Week Four: PEACE – Sametta Lindsay

Sametta Lindsay

ADVENT WEEK 4: PEACE – Sametta Lindsay

Tell us about your family?

Good morning Lake Valley. My name is Sametta Lindsay and I live in Benton. I am the proud mother of three grown children, John and Nick, both civil engineers, and Tina, a registered nurse. I am also “Nana” to seven grandchildren, ranging in age from 24 years to 2 years of age. I work at a veterinary clinic in Bryant, which is wonderful because I love animals and have two dogs and two cats at home.

How long have you been at Lake Valley?

Seven years ago, a friend asked me to come with her to Lake Valley Church “just this one Sunday”. She knew at the time I was looking for a new home church. As soon as I walked through the doors of the sanctuary, I felt at peace and at home. Two weeks later, I asked Lamar how to become a member of the church. I signed up for the next session of Discovery 2 classes and joined Lake Valley Community Church in February, 2011. I absolutely love this church. One of my favorite parts is that Lake Valley is a “teaching church.” Not long after I joined, we began studying Genesis and I have learned so much as we make our way through the entire Bible, which is exactly what I need personally.

Today you are lighting the candle that represents “PEACE.” What could you share that might encourage our body in their love for Christ and for each other?

Today’s Advent candle represents Peace. With our country and the rest of the world rife with anger, hate, mistrust, conflict, and fear, we as Christians are blessed beyond measure to know a peace like no other when we give our hearts to Jesus and choose to follow Him.

How can Lake Valley pray for your family?

I would like to ask the Lake Valley family to pray for my family because, like every other family here, we are a family of different personalities and on different paths of life. Some of us live in another state. Please pray that we can all come together in peace to observe the birth of Christ and enjoy being together for the holidays.