Advent Week Two – LOVE: Roy and Marilyn Hurst & Dianne Anderson

Advent Week Two – LOVE: Roy and Marilyn Hurst & Dianne Anderson

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What brought you to Lake Valley? Roy and I came to Lake Valley in 2009, after our previous church went through a devastating split. We were looking for a church home with the presence of a loving, forgiving and hope-filled God.Not realizing at the time the Holy Spirit was leading us to Lake Valley, we knew after our first visit, this was home! Upon retirement in 2014, Dianne, a snowbird from Mesquite, NV to Hot Springs, AR, started attending theWednesday morning ladies Bible study. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, it made her feel a part. As soon as the schedule permits, she plans on taking the Discovery 2 class to become a member of the Lake Valley church family.

Tell us about your family. We are Roy and Marilyn Hurst, and our sister, DianneAnderson. Roy and I have six children, seven grandchildren and five great grand-ones. Dianne has a daughter, Tina, and two beloved grandsons. Dianne and I come from a home of seven siblings and have a large extended family.Get-togethers are some of the bright spots in our lives, they include big meals (lots of good cooks), visiting, sharing stories, playing board games and cards. God has blessed us abundantly in love and family.

Today you are lighting the candle that represents “LOVE.” What could you share that might encourage our body in their love for Christ and foreach other? It is such a privilege to speak about love. How can you not love a God that sends His son, born in a manger, predestined to grow into manhood and die on the cross unconditionally and unmeasurably to take away our sins and give us eternal life? This kind of love has to be shared with others and especially in our community. I like to refer to our trio as part of the Hot Springs CommunityMinistry! Our hope is that this seasonal love and goodwill, spread at Christmas time, is extended all year. It starts with prayers for guidance to the Spirit to send us where He needs us. We find ourselves sharing God’s love in many places, like the Pines Nursing home, listening, talking, encouraging, bringing snacks to brighten days, celebrating forgotten birthdays, playing bingo and cards(Dianne recently asked, “How many times can I lose and it look real?” Don’t you love that?) and transporting lots of new and gently recycled goods, supplied by the Spirit opening hearts, to those in need at nursing homes, rehabs, shelters or wherever we’re sent, showingGod’s love in real time. I’ve seen God’s love displayed in Roy when changing a bike flat for a fatherless boy at the shelter, getting him shoes and just sitting and talking, providing a grandfatherly image. Working with our ladies at Recovery Point Ministry has enriched us so much. These women need to see and know God’s love through us. God’s love illuminates the room when we prepare a meal for the shelter or rehab and all sit down for an old-style family dinner full of conversation and love. We love the sign at the end of our church driveway, you are going out into the mission field. Dianne, Roy and I support each other using our own unique Spirit-given gifts to share God’s life-changing love so all may know, we are His beloved.

How can Lake Valley pray for our family? For strength and perseverance that we continue following God’s direction to share His Love and Good News to His children of all ages in our Community; and that we are blessed with Holy Spirit guidance, wisdom and health in our journey