Back to School

Back to School

This summer, Lauren Gilleran has been an asset to our LV Children’s Ministry. She has written lesson plans for Learning Center, planned events, organized a storage closet, and filled in for myself or Learning Center teachers on any given Sunday. I am so grateful for her help. She is wise beyond her years and Lake Hamilton Middle School is blessed to have her on their team. Pray for Lauren as she begins her journey as a teacher and lives out her calling to share the gospel. – AMY SIMMONS, CHILDREN’S MINISTRY LEADER

Dale & Lauren Gilleran

Thoughts from Lauren…

I never set out to be a teacher. Even when I married one, I never thought I would want to be an educator. It was only after beginning my senior year of college that I realized that I had no desire to enter the field I originally intended to enter. When I looked at the world and saw brokenness, I began to ask God how I could leverage my career and giftings to be part of the solution to the problems I saw. All signs pointed to education.

If you are in Christ, no matter your profession, you are called to be a minister of reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:18-20). You are called to this not because God thought you would be a really good one, but because He reconciled you to Himself first. We are empowered by His Holy Spirit to do His work. For teachers who are in Christ, our jobs go past test scores and classroom management; we are to partner with the Holy Spirit to be part of the redemptive work that God is wanting to do in our students and coworkers. We are given this opportunity everyday to tangibly fill in the gaps for our students and to shine light into darkness.

As the school year starts, please pray for both students and teachers. Pray for the weighty and worthy task that teachers bear. Pray that teachers would create safe, secure environments and relationships with their students. Pray for safety in our schools as we embark on a new year of growing and learning together. For students, pray that they create and maintain healthy and fun friendships; pray that they would honor Christ in how they speak, work, and live. – LAUREN GILLERAN

(Lauren will be teaching 6th grade English at Lake Hamilton this year.)