Berryhill Family

For over a year now, I have been a Court Appointed Special Advocate, or CASA. This is something God called me to do about four years ago at an event at Lake Valley Community Church. I was deeply called to be a voice, an advocate for foster children. You see, I was in foster care as an infant and was adopted into an abusive family. However, I told God this would be too hard and I fought Him, letting fear win. At that time, I had just started my first step study in Celebrate Recovery. Looking back, God knew I would need to heal my own heart before I could help anyone else. I was sure this was God’s calling, but His timing is always perfect and He knew I was not ready yet.

Debbie & daughters,
Chloe & Ella

Three years later, during the inventory of my FOURTH step study, God said, “It is time.” I signed up for the CASA training and jumped in feet first, trusting in God with all my fears. After I took my first case, I realized this was more than giving a voice to foster children. All that I had learned so far as a leader in CR had prepared me to give a voice to the mothers of these children as well. These women do not need judgement; they need support, prayer and guidance for healing to occur in their life. I have witnessed first hand God’s reckless love for the lost. It has been beautiful to see the reunification of a mother and her children. God has used this calling to further heal my own heart. He has proven to me that He never wastes a hurt and can turn evil into His good. God will give strength to the powerless to overcome past or present pain and abuse that can paralyze a person with shame. He is a God that heals and restores.

There is nothing too big for our Almighty God to heal. You just have to have faith and turn your will over to Him so He can guide you in the journey for which He created you. “Let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will know God’s will for you.” ROMANS 12:2 – DEBBIE BERRYHILL