Children’s Ministry Spotlight

Children’s Ministry Spotlight

When I came to Lake Valley three years ago to worship again with Aaron, Misty and their family, I had no idea what blessings were in store for me. I have been reunited with so many friends from the past that make me feel so at home. Jill Johnson was one of those friends and she first connected me to the Getting Ahead program. Then, when Morgan shared the needs of the Children’s Ministry, I was reminded in my heart of a pledge that I had made when I was a young, 24/7 mother in church. I had decided when I was older and had the opportunity, I would be a part of giving freedom to other mothers experiencing this phase in their own lives. I signed up immediately and it did not take Amy Simmons long to call and give me a trial run. Jill and I immediately bonded as a team.

Amy and Jill are such spiritual leaders. Each week, I am ministered to as I experience the Holy Spirit flow so effortlessly out of Jill into these eager to grow children. We love and give to them and they love and give to us in return. The kids are amazing in their character and knowledge. They reflect the strength of Lake Valley. Our families are being built on a solid foundation and our children are being given the respect and nurturing they need.

I know that I will be filled with love for our next class as we grow together and it will not replace, but be heaped on top of, the love that I already have for the children who are now in my heart. What a joy! – JEANETTE BURROUGHS

I have lived in Hot Springs for thirty-eight years and have been an active member of LVCC for twenty-two. Although I have volunteered in the nursery and occasionally with older children, it was in August of last year that I was asked if I might be a teacher for the third grade until May. My oldest grandchild, David Franklin, was in third grade and I wanted to be placed as his teacher. Amy Simmons said that I was an answer to prayer and that was enough confirmation for me.

This spring, Amy had Jeanette Burroughs lined up to partner with me for a month, but Jeanette became a member of our class right away. Jeanette and I met some thirty years ago when she led a Community Bible Study that I attended. God knits things together so perfectly. She and I were able to reconnect immediately. When May rolled around, Amy asked if I needed a break and I said, “No way am I leaving these kids, please let us stay until promotion day.”

These kids will forever have a special place in my heart and so will the parents and grandparents who brought them to church. These children know so much about Jesus and the Bible. I have learned much from them about their faith in God to answer prayer and how we can love Him more daily.

On August 5th, this class was promoted to the fourth grade and Jeanette and I will promote to the second grade class. My granddaughter, Nora, will be in our class.

When I was a young mother, I needed to be in worship, desperately. I vividly remember getting three children fed, dressed in Sunday best, only to volunteer in preschool. It felt as though I could have saved my family and myself a lot of stress and just stayed home. I told myself that I would remember this when I was older and try to allow parents the opportunity to be in worship. I am blessed that I am able to help in this way.