de·vel·op·ment | dəˈveləpmənt |


  the process of developing or being developed:

  she traces the development of the novel

  synonyms: growth, maturation, expansion, enlargement, spread, progress


From day one, development has been a key value of the Lake Valley family. Even in its infancy, Lake Valley believed that leadership training was part of the Great Commission to make disciples. This was modeled by the fact that Dru was hired as our first Pastor because of his heart to train others rather than his ability to present a good sermon. In fact, he was hired before he even preached a sermon at one of our gatherings. He would be the first to tell you that his first sermons were not anywhere close to the world class standard he brings now. He developed, and we, along with many around the country, have benefited from him having the opportunity to grow.

This same privilege was extended to me. When Lake Valley was just starting to meet, I was asked to lead Worship…. and I could barely play three chords on the guitar. I would practice like crazy the week prior to worship so that I could “get through” the songs with minimal train wrecks. Lake Valley, you were gracious to me, and I did improve.

We are continuing this tradition by developing leaders in many arenas. Behind the scenes, and specifically with regard to Worship, Dave Hassell is working with and supporting a number of Worship Team members. This includes our technicians, vocalists, instrumentalists, and up-front leaders. Two leaders you will begin to see more and more are Allen Coker and Whitney Speers. They have both expressed a desire to grow skillfully and spiritually, and have also shown the maturity to be able to handle the trappings of being “on stage”. They are both developing, and like Dru and me, will hopefully serve the Church of Jesus for many years to come. I encourage you to pray for them, cheer for them, and join with them as they lead.  

This is just the beginning. Our dream is that Lake Valley becomes known as a place that develops and sends leaders into culture to make a difference. We believe that by doing so, we are fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus. We also believe that there will be benefits “For Us” and impact “Beyond Us.” I hope you will join us in this dream.  – MORGAN GOLDEN