Discipling Young Adults at LVCC

Discipling Young Adults at LVCC

Discipling Young Adults at LVCC

A few years ago our daughter was in youth group Ascent. She had developed close relationships with three other girls that were attending Ascent, as well as her high school. We were so thankful for the relationships, along with the leaders and support that came from Ascent. We began to learn how important this was to these girls’ discipleship and their relationship with Jesus.

As these teenagers went off to college we were concerned, as any parent would be. Did we teach them enough? Did they have the foundation in Christ they needed to remain in the faith? Some studies show over 40% of high school seniors that attend church are no longer involved in a church community when they graduate college.

A year ago, through an amazing God story too long to write here, our daughter and her future fiancé, along with a few other college students and high school seniors decided they wanted a better foundation in their faith. Because Chris had previously led several First Principles groups, we decided to try the first book in the First Principles series. We were astounded with the outcome! This group was so intelligent and inquisitive. They had lots of questions and wanted real answers. Their hunger for truth was inspirational.

We have felt the Spirit calling us to continue to just provide an opportunity for this age group to dive into the Scriptures and share their thoughts. As the word has gotten out we have had more and more of our youth come and join these conversations. We have realized that this age group often gets dismissed or overlooked. This cannot happen! Aside from the fact that they are incredibly smart and good thinkers they are a part of our body and they are the future of the Church.

So…how can you help? Here are a few ways:

  • Fill out an encouraging note-card today at the Info Booth that will be sent to each of our college students next week.
  • Look at our current list of students and add names and addresses
  • Come help feed the Youth on Wednesday nights (contact Melia)
  • Give financially to help us buy books for studies or meals
  • Most importantly get to know them, they are awesome people!
  • Also this is not our (the Menzies) ministry, this is our (LVCC) ministry.

If you feel led to be a part just come on. We need you. – Chris and Melia Menzies