Discovery 2

Discovery 2

During the month of September, fourteen people completed the four week experience we call Discovery 2. Discovery 2 is for those who are interested in learning more about Lake Valley and possibly becoming members of our family of families. Each week, two Lake Valley elders and their wives lead the group in learning more about what Lake Valley believes.

We learn that real life can be found by:

LIFE = Losing my life to Jesus, by Imitating His ways in a Family of families who is Engaging others beyond us.

We learn that we are not perfect. We are real people wanting to know the real God through Jesus Christ. We are invited to discover how to live and serve like Jesus. In the first session, after an elder tells the story of how Lake Valley came to be, each person is invited to share their story and what brought them to our church. It is amazing to hear each person as they tell their own faith journey.

In week two, we learn what it means to imitate the ways of Jesus, being His disciple, and about our core values of community, transformation, and generosity. Week three is focused on the idea that we are a family of families and how small groups are the lifeblood of Lake Valley, where we connect with other believers and care for each other. We also talk about our structure of leadership, including small group pastors, deacons,  elders, learning center and youth. Session four challenges each of us to engage others beyond us. We are all on mission.

Our next Discovery 2 class will start February 3, 2019 and will meet each Sunday in February after second service. If you are interested in being a part of that group, go by the Info Booth and sign up.