Family Values

Family Values

Happy Easter, Lake Valley! As elders, leaders and staff, we want to welcome you and let you know that we are greatly encouraged that you have chosen to celebrate this day with us. Today marks the high point of our calendar as Christians because today we celebrate a God who cares enough to pursue us and is powerful enough to conquer the one enemy that haunts us all…death. Without this day, our lives would be hopeless and our faith would be in vain (1 Corinthians 15). It is this day that frames the ultimate hope of our mission and vision as a family.

We strongly believe that we, as a family, exist to be “discovering together how to live and serve like Jesus.” The values that undergird this mission are posted on our walls and more importantly imprinted on our hearts. As you celebrate this morning, we pray that you would reflect on these transformational values. 

COMMUNITY: We see Lake Valley as an extended family, a family in which our relationships are genuine and authentic. We believe that for our mission to be accomplished, we must be committed to living in unity and in peace. As with family, there are times this value is strained, but we never give up on this radical and Biblical mandate. 

TRANSFORMATION: We see Lake Valley as a place where personal growth and maturity are sought after. We don’t want to just go through the motions at church. Instead, we see our gathering with other believers as an opportunity to spur one another on to love and good deeds. 

GENEROSITY: We believe that there is no better way to express the heart of God than to give. Motivated by the extravagant love of God, we generously share our time, talent, and treasure to spread the good news of Jesus. 

GRACE: Althrough not currently on the wall, the elders identified this as possibly the key value behind our core values. Grace is and must always be at the center of everything we do. The grace that Jesus has extended to us through his death, burial and resurrection motivates us to follow his Word and to embrace our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Without grace, community, transformation, and generosity would not be possible. 

Lake Valley, these things are what really motiate us to accomplish our mission. They are the heartbeat of our lives together. Today, as we celebrate, let’s recommit ourselves to our mission. We have the power…the power of the resurrection. THE ELDERS