For King and Kingdom Update

For King and Kingdom Update

During the last weekend of September, a leadership team from First Baptist Church of Hot Springs led their fourth Men of the Ouachitas – FBC retreat. It was a powerful and significant retreat for the eight men of their church who attended. The success of this FBC MOO mission is the fruit of the For King and Kingdom ministry that Lake Valley began in earnest in 2016.

One recent and significant change for the For King and Kingdom ministry is that we are now a part of the Lake Retreat Ministry 501C3, which was established in the summer of 2017, to manage and grow the ministry of Tucker Lodge on Lake DeGray. There will be more information and details about this change in the next 4KK newsletter.

Upcoming are also two very important “firsts” for the 4KK Ministries. We will host our first out-of-state retreat during the weekend of November 1st – 5th, when we host C3 Church of Houston, TX at Tucker Lodge. We are also sponsoring our inaugural fundraising banquet on Tuesday, October 23rd. If you are interested in financially supporting the ministry and would like to attend, please contact Carolyn Gammill at (501) 607-1110. Seating is limited and the deadline to reserve a spot is Tuesday, October 16th by noon.

Right now, eight men from Lake Valley are participating in their own Men of the Ouachitas retreat experience at Tucker Lodge: MOO35. This retreat is being led by Chris Menzies and Steve Freeman; two men that not only love men and the MOO ministry, but are also a part of a larger group of men that have engaged in an extensive training process to prepare them for leadership in this Lake Valley retreat ministry. This training and many of the resources that have equipped them are provided by the 4KK mission.

Please be in prayer for Chris and Steve, and for these eight Lake Valley men participating in this weekend’s Men of the Ouachitas retreat experience. The participants are: Joe Armstrong, Cole Brown, David Cheatham, Steve Glisson, Leighton Hardin, Dave Hassell, Wayne Ogburn, and Bill Wright.