From the Heart of a Servant

From the Heart of a Servant

WOO 3- Back Row: Tonia Lambert, Kathy Olive, Susan Stone, Nicquel Gordon,
Vonda Holloway, Rhonda Golden, Jamie Carson. Front Row: Anne Bennett, Laura Andriotis, Carrolyn Tucker, Margaret Wheatley, Eve deMontmollin, Kristy Coker,
Gina Tarbet, Margaret Leggett

Thoughts from the following women who served at WOO3…

“I was a substitute servant, the first time. After that, I never wanted to miss again! I wanted to serve in order to allow women the opportunity to experience WOO, but the bonus was that I also got to experience a lot of the weekend. And it was wonderful! Besides the benefit
of being a participant during the group teaching and worship, I got to meet and connect with women from my church whom I had never met. Being a servant is so delightful, because I can be a part of things and, at the same time, an observer. I can see God at work. I can see Satan trying to distract and confuse…he even sent a helicopter once! Of course, God can handle all of that. The best part of being a servant, perhaps, is connecting with the servant team. We know what to do, roll with the punches and can get the job done. I am also grateful that I get to support the leaders. Their job is so important. It is an honor to be behind the scenes.” – LAURA ANDRIOTIS

“Serving at WOO3 was a stretch for me. I was asked to be the lead servant and was nervous about filling a bigger role. God used my “yes” to show me how I had unknowingly limited His call on my life and used the experience to grow me in ways I hadn’t anticipated. I loved having the opportunity to practice hospitality and to meet some of the basic needs of the women present. I loved having a chance to meet women I didn’t already know and getting to know those that I did know even better. I also enjoyed forging deeper relationships with the servant team. We worked hard all weekend. My body was tired, but oh, my heart was full! It was truly an honor to serve at WOO3.” – ANNE BENNETT

“I was a participant in the very first Women of the Ouachitas so when I was asked to serve at WOO3, I was both excited and honored. The time
I spent with the other servants was wonderful and even though there was a lot of work involved we also had lots of fun! It was also great to get to know new people and reconnect with those I hadn’t spent time with in a while. The WOO leaders are incredibly special women who want God to be glorified most of all and I think that is the main reason it was so special to me. They demonstrated unconditional love, acceptance and appreciation throughout the entire weekend. That is a rare and beautiful thing.” – VONDA HOLLOWAY

“What a privilege to come alongside women I love and admire! It is obvious that WOO leaders Jamie, Tonia, and Rhonda spend much time in preparation and prayer before the weekend event starts. Our serving team of Anne, Laura, Vonda and myself were not only able to minister to those attending, but we got to know one another better and encourage each other. One of the blessings of serving is being able to pray for the participants as they respond to how God speaks to them individually during the weekend, then as they continue to experience the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives in the following days and weeks. Being a part of the serving team enabled me to experience one-on-one time with several women and get to know them better, something that is hard to do on a Sunday morning and at times even in Home Groups. If you find yourself being called to serve, answer the call with a hearty ‘yes’ and experience the Holy Spirit not only as He works in other’s lives, but how He can work anew in your own life.” – MARGARET LEGGETT