Garments of Grace and the Cooper Anthony Mercy Child Advocacy Center

Garments of Grace and the Cooper Anthony Mercy Child Advocacy Center

This year, I became the chairman of the board for Cooper Anthony Mercy Child Advocacy Center. I am truly passionate about this organization for two reasons. First of all, my dad, Dr. John Trieschmann, started this center in Hot Springs as a place of hope and healing for children. What a blessing to be able to continue the legacy of supporting this restoring ministry in my dad’s honor. Secondly, this ministry works both proactively and reactively, reaching into the darkest places of our society. Our mission is bring light and hope to children who have experienced trauma and abuse.

One of the ways you can support this ministry is through Garments of Grace. Nancy Ross, who leads this group, shares the following about Garments of Grace:

The Cooper-Anthony Mercy Child Advocacy Center is a place of hope for children who have experienced abuse. The Center serves approximately 600 children each year, ranging in age from eighteen months to eighteen years old. Making fleece blankets for these children has become the primary mission for Garments of Grace. When each child enters into care, they are allowed to go to the blanket closet and choose a blanket for themselves. We pray that these blankets will give a sense of security and love to these precious children as they begin the process of healing.

We would like to invite you to help in this mission:

▪ By participating in making the blankets (No sewing skill required. If you can cut, you can help).

▪ By donating money for the cost of the fleece blankets. The materials for each blanket cost around $25. You can leave your donations in the box at the Info Booth.

Garments of Grace meets the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon in the downstairs lobby. Any and all ages are welcome to join us.

Please join us in praying for and supporting this ministry. – LAMAR TRIESCHMANN