Getting to Know Our Children’s Ministry Team Member…Claudine Cusick

Getting to Know Our Children’s Ministry Team Member…Claudine Cusick

Tell us a little bit about yourself…I married George Cusick in June, 1960. We had four children, Debby, Becky, Mark, and Toni. I have ten grandchildren and six great grandchildren. We raised our family here in Hot Springs.

How long have you been a part of the LV family? I have been attending LVCC for around ten years. God was telling me I needed to serve the children in Learning Center. I knew this was my church family and I was encouraged to join Lake Valley so that I could serve in Children’s Ministry.

How long have you been teaching at LVCC? I have been teaching for about eight years.

What are some of your favorite parts of teaching the kids? I love working with Jon Moll. He is my helper. You can tell he loves the Lord by the way he plays with and helps the kids. We made pot holders for Mother’s Day and one of my sweet boys, Max, made one for me. It’s the love the kids show you that makes you know you are in the right place. Building relationships with these kids and families is such a blessing. I have some former kids who stop by and give me a hug on Sundays.

What advice do you have to give other teachers or people who might be interested in teaching? Teaching the kids at Lake Valley is a very important part of my life.  At the first of the week, I start studying about ten or fifteen minutes a day just to get an idea about what we will be teaching. I also do a lot of praying and asking God for equipping. Then, He reminds me, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” I encourage all of you to give the Lord an hour a week to teach. Everything you will need is provided by Amy Simmons.

What advice do you have to give young families? Two main things come to mind…

1) Raise your kids in the Church. Don’t just send them. Come and be a part of the Church family; and 2) Don’t go to bed mad.