Grandparent’s Day

Grandparent’s Day

Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained in a righteous life. PROVERBS 16:31

We live in a disposable society where anything “new” is considered better. We, far too often, chase after the novel and discard the proven. Our entertainment and media often treats the wisdom of experience and a life well lived as outdated, old fashioned, and undesirable.

As a church, we reject his notion and believe that maturity is to be honored, respected, and appreciated. We believe that our older members have great value and still have a calling to be on mission. We desire relationships that aren’t bound by our age, but rather by the Spirit of Jesus that unifies us. We desire a community where all have a voice, regardless of age. We desire a community in which our “old men dream dreams” and have ways to see those dreams become a reality.

If you are older, we love you.
If you are older, we need you.
If you are older, you are us and we are you!
Together, we WILL make a difference in Hot Springs and in Garland County.

In our insert today are expressions of love and appreciation shared by some of our younger generation.

INSERT – The following quotes are expressions of love and appreciation shared by some of our younger generation:

Nina Broughton: “She is our matriarch. She is the anchor to our family. Nanny has made sacrifices for the sake of her children and grandchildren, no matter the cost. She gives without expectations and her love for all of us knows no end. We will forever be better people because of her. Her faith and grace has always been a constant and something she has taught us to look for within ourselves. We have always known her love for us, no matter if we deserved it in that moment or not. Some of our best qualities can be attributed to the grandmother we are all lucky enough to call “Nanny”. I love you a bushel and a peck.” – Kayla 

“The best lunch date, best babysitter, best cook, most loving, always caring and always giving; she is always happy and always takes care of us. We love when she lets us curl up in her lap and snuggle, no matter how big we get. We love when she sings us hymns or lullabies and when she reads to us. We love to spend time at our Nannys house because she always makes sure she gets our favorite snacks. We have one of the best Nannies around!!” – Addilee & Kolbee

Brenda Cox Bennie: “My Mimi, Brenda Cox Bennie, has always shown me unconditional love and thoughtfulness throughout the years. She has been a good role model for me.”  -Andrew 

Jeanette Burroughs: “I wish every man had a Mi [Jeannette] in his corner; the world would be better for it. I know I am! I also wish I had a means to show her the special place in my heart she holds; she’d be pleased.” – Andrew

What I value most about my Grandmother, Jeanette, is more than what can fit into a few sentences. She is a great role model who is all inspiring, bright, and caring. She always lights up the room and is so talented at art and photography. She has taught me many valuable lessons that will help be become a great mom, and she will be the most wonderful GREAT GRANDMOTHER coming April 2020! “ – Brittany

“Grandmother has shown me what it looks to follow Jesus; something I’ve known was special from a young age. I’m so grateful for her steadfast example and deep love for others.” – Samantha

“Grandmother — your kind heart, your love for others, and how you without a doubt always see the value in family and relationships…these are all things that make me look up to you and smile at just how lucky I am to call you grandmother. You have shown strength and love at all hours and for that I am grateful. You are a part of my life and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love you! Thanks for not just being family, but for loving me as a friend too.” – Kristin

“I was blessed to have grown up with the most amazing grandparent anyone could ask or hope for. I cherish the memories growing up – especially the simple things like eating those frozen meatballs at her home. I especially remember the little projects we would do and places we would go together. Thank you for always being there. Everytime I come home from school, I always look forward to seeing you and giving you a big ol’hug. Mi, you are so valuable and loved. I love you.” – Adam

“Mi has shown me one of the most genuine loves I have ever known. She has never once shut down any idea or dream I have had, and there have been some wild ones. One of her most vivacious qualities is her never ending love for Jesus and her well known firm hugs and GORGEOUS smile. She would drop anything and everything just to spend 5 minutes with a loved one, her most obvious one, is her desire to nurture and make everyone around her feel so loved, no matter who they are. She is everything I hope to become and more! Thankful God put her in my life, each and everyday!!”  – Kaitlyn

Gary & Cindy Clarkson: “I love going to their house for sleepovers because I get to stay up late and I like it when Papa gives me Pez. I like to hug them and to help them take care of their dog, Bailey” – Georgia 

Claudine Cusick: “Huge heart, takes care of kids, cherishes her friendships, always make people happy and a major follower of Christ. She is thoughtful, kind, loves and serves BIG.” – Ali, Sarah, & Amanda

Brenda Deckard: “She loves us unconditionally through every season, good and bad. She is a solid rock to our family, and we love to travel with her on road trips.” Jacob, Winston, & Garrett 

Bob & Joyce Golden: “Mimi & Pappy, I once read somewhere that “grandparents provide the essentials we need to survive in abundance – unconditional love, kindness, humor, patience, and comfort.” I have felt that is true everyday from you both for 30 years; how lucky am I. In addition to the essentials, because of you, I have a strong sense of who I am and where I come from. Thank you for sharing your legacy with me! – Love, Kali Anne

Linda Harris: “There are not enough words to describe how valuable “Nana” is to me. She has taught me about life, about God, about relationships and how to be a strong woman. She has helped mold me into the person I am today. I feel honored to be her granddaughter.” – Heather

Jim & Linda Helton: “Mum Mum and Pops as I know them have such a big impact on my life. I know I can always turn to them for advice or to just talk about anything.” – Zoe

“My grandparents are the best grandparents I could ever ask for. I am blessed to always have someone to talk to and someone that makes really good food.” – Reed

“Jim and Linda Helton who are affectionately known as Pops and Mum Mum are truly incredible people. Pops is one of the wisest and caring men I have ever known and Mum Mum is one of the most joyful and inspiring women I have ever met. And they are both my grandparents, now that is pretty cool.” – Clay

“You’ve always been there for me. I wouldn’t trade the time spent or lessons learned for anything.” – Pierce

Claude & Vonda Holloway: “Mimi and Papa have always been there for me. I enjoy every second that I spend with them. They bring me up when I’m down. I want to thank them for building a family of love and kindness.” – Tabitha

“I enjoy the time they spend with me and the things they do for me. They are nice and funny.” – Jacob

Jill Johnson: “Mammers  is important to me because she’s super kind and always helps me in bad times and I love her very much.” – David Franklin

“My Mammers is special to me because she is so nice and she always lets us spend the night with her.  – Nora 

“I loved her so much because she is nice to us and let’s us get ice cream.”  – Isaac 

Glenda and James Meredith: They’re nice. At their house when we play, they watch out for us and if we do get hurt they help us.” – Carter 

“They love us and care for us.” – Hollis 

“They’re nice and when we spend the night we have little links for breakfast. And we get to play with Meredith.” – Bennett

“I love my Lulu Grumps a whole bunch!” – Meredith

Pat McGuire: “Pat McGuire, my Nana, is a picture of generosity, living life with open hands and an open heart. She loves big and shows Jesus to others in that way without asking questions. She is a rock solid woman with God’s tender heart.” – Katie

Mark & Suzanne Russell: “They love us and always take good care of us. And, they teach us cool stuff like golf and fishing.” – Hudson

“They love us. Doc is my best friend. He holds me up so I can slam dunk.” – Connor

George & Jan Wright: “My grandparents (George and Jan Wright) are valuable to me because they love me unconditionally and are always there when I need them.  I love that they are here in Hot Springs and I get to see them very often.” – Thomas

“Mimi and Biggie (George and Jan Wright)  are valuable to me because they don’t tell me “no” like my parents do.  Especially Mimi. I know they love me and that is a great feeling.” – Annelise