Lake Valley Women

Lake Valley Women

Lake Valley Women

As we think of Lake Valley as a training center, we seek to provide the framework which will prepare each of us as women to be firmly established in our faith, to fully embrace our own uniqueness, to discover a direction and purpose for our life, and to fulfill our Lake Valley mission of loving and serving like Jesus.

Imagine with us a time when every woman at Lake Valley will know and understand these five key concepts for their own life…their foundation, identity, story, purpose and influence…and the impact we might have in our families, community and even in the world.

When I know and understand…

my foundation, I will be firmly established in the faith, knowing who I am in Christ and how I fit into the household of God, recognizing God’s plan for the family, and understanding what the local church body looks like and how it functions.

my identity, I will see that my femininity is rooted in the distinct power God has entrusted to all women and will experience the freedom to live out my purpose in my own unique way as I understand the truth of Scripture.

my story, I will begin to see my destiny. By taking an intentional look back to trace God’s hand through my story, I will derive meaning and purpose. Each of our stories tells of Christ’s redemption and points us to our destiny. My Kingdom work, my destiny, is most likely tied to my story!

my purpose, I will realize that God has created me with a distinctive design and purpose. By understanding that uniqueness and plan, I can experience direction and focus for my life that is deeply satisfying and truly glorifies God.

my influence, I can experience the kind of community and impact God has designed me to have, in the church and in the world. I can flourish as I impact others around me in profound ways.

Over the next several months, we will be introducing opportunities and experiences around each of these core components which will provide a solid foundation for us as women to serve our families, the church, Hot Springs and beyond. We hope to see every woman at Lake Valley fully embracing their specific Kingdom purpose.