Letter from the Elders

Letter from the Elders

Letter from the Elders

It seems like I write this every year but I cannot believe that another year has come and gone and it is time to write the first Community Update story of the year. As I write this and reflect on 2019, I am very aware that our experiences from last year were very different. For some in the family, 2019 was a banner year that was characterized by prosperity, health, new relationships, and peace. Others had an altogether different year because of sickness, death, and loss. Regardless of your 2019 experience, our prayer is that you felt God’s power and presence that gives us perspective when times are good and hope when they are hard.

As we walk into 2020, our Elders are seeking the Lord’s direction for the next steps in our life together. We have spent an extra measure of time on our knees in prayer and carved out more opportunities to share our experiences with, and words from, God. As we have done so, we have gained greater clarity about the future… but there is much more to learn.

Lake Valley, a few years back we studied the story of Moses and Israel. As a church, we learned that God invited all of Israel to step into His presence on Mt. Sinai but they were afraid to go. Their lack of trust in God caused them to forfeit what could have been theirs. Because of their inability to trust, they were given the burden of the law. As a church, we find ourselves at a similar place. We believe that God is calling us, like Israel, to seek His face and to trust Him with our future. Because we believe our mission is to “discover together how to live and serve like Jesus”, we are inviting you to join us in this pursuit of what God has for us.

Don’t let fear keep you from engaging in prayer and conversations about the future. Don’t let the busyness of life keep you from pursuing Him through relationships, prayer, and the Word. When prompted by Him, share with us what He has put on your heart. Together, in 100% unity, we will discover the details of what is next for us. You may even be invited into a formal gathering to discuss some initiatives we would like to launch. We hope you will engage in these opportunities.

I want to be really clear. Our Elders are very energized and encouraged about the future. We hope that we will look back on 2020 as being a watershed moment in our history. As we used to say, “let’s dream big, start small, and go deep!” We are excited that you are on this journey with us.

FYI – You cannot imagine how much restraint I exerted by not referring to 2020 as being the year of “perfect vision”. I promised the Elders that I wouldn’t and other than this subtle reference, I kept my word!

Love you all! – MORGAN GOLDEN, for the Elders