Medical Mission Trip to Haiti

Medical Mission Trip to Haiti

Medical Mission Trip to Haiti

Lake Valley is sending another medical team to Haiti! In just ten days, on January 17th, a team of six people will be heading to Léogâne, Haiti, to work alongside a Haitian doctor by the name of Dr. France Carmelle. The goal of the trip is not only to provide the people in Léogâne with free medical help, but also to help build the business of Dr. Carmelle.

The medical team consists of the following members:

  • Kay Lynn Harris
  • Lamar Trieschmann
  • Karl Wagenhauser
  • Anna Leston
  • Mike Hunter
  • Cameron Winston

A key component of the Wisdom Training for Business Leaders curriculum, which was recently created by the Lake Valley Apostolic team, is to train and support local business leaders so they will understand how their businesses might bless others. Based on wisdom from the Bible, the intended result of this training and support in Haiti is that when businesses are successful, entire communities might begin to flourish. As this medical mission team works alongside Dr. Carmelle, they will provide support for her business and for the entire community of Léogâne.

Roger Stanage will also be in Haiti at this same time leading Wisdom Training classes in Jérémie. Please be praying for both teams as they travel to Haiti and minister in this country for about a week. Pray for their safety and health, and also for opportunities for them to love and serve the people of Haiti.


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