Men of the Ouachitas

Men of the Ouachitas


Why do I love MOO? Because I love to win! It is that  simple. The Bible tells us often that we are in a spiritual battle. I believe this and I love that we are in the fight.

MOO is a battlefield, or war zone, for the hearts of men. We know that men are wounded by sin, fearful in spirit, held captive by strategies that do not work, and are isolated spiritually. But, a lot of men do not even know they are in bondage. Our enemy is that good!

We start fighting this battle through prayer. We know what our enemy is up to and God has given us the keys to unlock the gate. But, when a man unlocks the gate, the fight has just begun. What I enjoy the most about MOO is that we fight together, shoulder to shoulder, arm in arm, heart to heart. Together, we march out of the prison and enjoy the freedom God has given us. And, it is not really a fair fight, as the Bible describes in 2 Corinthians 10:4, “For weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but mighty before God to the casting down of strongholds.” God has all the power and wisdom and He is our commanding general.

When you play defense in a sport like I once did, you develop the mindset of not just stopping your opponent, but punishing him. You never let up. This is our vision for MOO. We are not letting up. There are thousands of men who are still living behind the bars. Get ready. We are coming for you! – LT

How do I begin to thank all of you for the amazing experience my husband had this past weekend? He left on Thursday as a troubled man and returned home as a man of God! I’ve never seen him like this and I know he is still trying to process everything. I’m beyond grateful to Lamar for inviting him to go on this life-changing journey. God bless you all!” – WIFE of MOO PARTICIPANT

“I was unsure, but I trusted God and His servants, and I am eternally grateful for all that was poured into my life. This experience has given me such freedom in my Christian walk. Thank you for investing in MOO and in me. I am grateful to carry forward all that I have learned.” – MOO PARTICIPANT

“I promise you, I will not forget this! I will not be the same man as the one I was when I arrived.” – MOO PARTICIPANT