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Lake Valley has a history of challenging and training our men to be leaders in every area of their lives. We are very intentional about this because we believe this is God’s calling for us as men. We are the most masculine when we are following Jesus, our model man.


Men’s ministry starts with 12-year-old boys. We take our young boys through a rite of passage experience during the summer between 6th and 7th grades. This experience is no walk in the park. It involves adventure, and physicl challenges designed to help our young men to learn to follow God boldly and without fear. We are currently developing a similar experience for our young men who are high school juniors.



Also available for our young men is a training experience with their fathers called Raising a Modern Day Night (MDK).  MDK is a six week experience that focuses and prepares dads to lead their sons into manhood. The group size is 4-8 dads. There are five sessions designed to help them understand the importance of their role and how critical the next few years are as their sons move from adolescence into manhood. This training is followed by a weekend experience with dads and sons filled with fun and ceremony. The content is twofold: 1) A definition of manhood they can give to their sons through teaching and experiences. 2) A group ceremony to introduce their sons to manhood and follow-up ceremonies at key times in their son’s life.



Another opportunity for the men of Lake Valley is an intensive weekend experience called “Men of the Ouachitas.” This 8 man experience is by invitation only, and is designed to move a man through his own story to find the keys to living out of his heart and to move into his Kingdom destiny.


We will on occasion take trips to storm-impacted regions to clean and repair damaged cities. We have built houses for Habitat for Humanity. We have built a house on sight at Lake Valley and then delivered it to a family with no home. We love action and we find that men work best shoulder to shoulder with a common goal and purpose in mind.


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