Home Groups

Home Groups

Community is one of our core values at Lake Valley.  In fact, it is our middle name.  One of the main way we foster community is through our Home Groups. Home groups are meant to be a place to find relationships and are the first line of pastoral care.  Centered around our relationship with Christ and His Word, our groups work hard at building authentic relationships of trust. Groups consist of 12 or more adults and gather several times a month for meals, Bible study, fun and fellowship in homes.  You do not know Lake Valley until you experience a small group.

How do I join a Home Group?

In a perfect world, someone new to our family has built a relationship within the family either by meeting them at a worship gathering or by interacting in the community.  We would love for a newcomer to join a group where relationships already exist.  We call this “side-door” entry and it is by far the best way to get plugged in.

We know that this isn’t a perfect world and that there are times that a newcomer needs some help getting plugged in.  In this case, one can simply let the office know and we will work to get him/her placed in a group.

If you would like help finding a Home group, you may call or email the church office at office@lakevalleychurch.com.

Often our Home Groups discuss the current preaching series in their meetings.  You can find these question by clicking here (Home Group Questions) or on the Lake Valley App.