Lake Valley Men

Lake Valley Men

Lake Valley has a history of challenging and training our men to be leaders in every area of their lives.  We are very intentional about this because we believe this is God’s calling for us as men.  We are the most masculine when we are following Jesus, our model man.

Raising Young Men

For the past several years, we have taken our young boys through a rite of passage experience during the summer between 6th and 7th grades. This experience involves adventure, and physical challenges designed to help our young men learn to follow God boldly and without fear.  

We also believe that fathering is a high calling of God on men, so we offer the Man Maker Project as a guide for fathers to intentionally usher their sons into godly manhood. This project offers a practical roadmap that equips fathers to create a unique, modern-day masculine initiation experience for their sons. Rather than a single event or ceremony, fathers can guide their boys through a yearlong process, with the support of a group of hand-selected men. Through this modern-day rites of passage process, fathers fulfill their calling, sons find their footing, and society receives solid men ready to strongly and kindly restore the world.

Men of the Ouachitas (MOO)

Men of the Ouachitas is an intensive weekend experience designed to move a man through his own story to find the keys to living out of his heart and to move into his Kingdom destiny.  Men are invited to attend in groups of eight  to ensure the ultimate small group setting.

Work Teams

On occasion, we take trips to storm-impacted regions to clean and repair damaged cities.  We have also built homes for Habitat for Humanity. We once built a home on the Lake Valley campus and then delivered it to a family with no home. We love action and find that men work best when shoulder to shoulder with a common goal and purpose in mind.