Lake Valley Women

Lake Valley Women

Our mission is to encourage, equip, and empower the women of Lake Valley to be fully integrated with God’s mission for His church locally and beyond.

Our goal is to provide a framework for preparing you to be firmly established in your faith, to fully embrace your own uniqueness, and to discover a direction and purpose for your life. We hope to see every woman within Lake Valley prepared to embrace their specific Kingdom purpose. Our hope is that you will understand and embrace these five core elements of your life:

My Foundation…I will be firmly established in the faith, knowing who I am in Christ and how I fit into the household of God, recognizing God’s plan for the family, and understanding what the local church body looks like and how it functions.

My Identity…I will see my femininity rooted in the distinct power God has entrusted to all women and will experience the freedom to live out my purpose in my own unique way as I understand the truth of Scripture.

My Story…I will begin to see my destiny by taking an intentional look back to trace God’s hand through my story.

My Unique Design…I will understand that God has created me with a distinctive design and purpose and will experience direction and focus for my life that is deeply satisfying and glorifies God. My Influence…I will experience the kind of community and impact that God designed me to have in the church and in the world.

The following tools have been carefully put together to help you know and understand these five core elements of your life and to encourage, equip and empower you to serve your families, the church, and our community.

Foundations: Teaching core principles of Christ and His Apostles, this series guides participants in becoming firmly established in their faith.

Biblical Femininity: Discover both the distinct power and unique calling God has entrusted to all women regardless of roles or life situations as we study the truth of Scripture.

Women of the Ouachitas (WOO): A weekend story retreat at Tucker Lodge on Degray Lake where you will take an intentional look back through your story to gain a deeper understanding of God, yourself, and His purpose for your life.

Embracing Purpose: A self-discovery tool through which you will gain knowledge and understanding of yourself, will come to appreciate your uniqueness and value as a person, and will gain insight into the future God wants you to have.

Adorned: A rich study of the instructions to women in Titus 2 which will provide a roadmap to help you experience the kind of community and influence God designed you to have.

Watch for information about how and when to sign up for each of these opportunities, or call the church office for more information.

Wednesday Morning Fellowship

Wednesday Morning Fellowship offers a variety of DVD based studies year round for those who prefer a more traditional Bible study setting.  Contact Carrolyn Tucker at for information about the current study.

Christmas Gathering

Women’s Annual Christmas Gathering is held the first Thursday evening in December. A night of fun, fellowship, and celebration as we enter the Christmas season. Details are available about one month prior to the event.