The usage of the terms Missionary and Missionary Work are often used liberally.  In one sense, we are “all on mission,” but that isn’t exactly helpful when we talk about where a church sends people or money. At Lake Valley, we have a fourfold Core Ministry Strategy (Growing, Gathering, Serving & Sending). We refer to mission work as ‘Sending’ as we are sending people out on a mission.

We also use the term ‘Establishing’ when referring to sending work. We often think of Establishing in terms of getting something started or planted, but it can also be used to describe the strengthening of an existing church. When we use this term, we are referring to both aspects.

We believe that Scripture clearly teaches that at the very center of God’s mission for the entire World is the Church and its local expression. We believe that it is critical for missionaries to be rooted in and sent from churches that know them, support them, and hold them accountable.

As we formed this strategy in 2008, we were very aware that “man makes his plans but God orders his steps.” In that, we knew that rather than press forward in the flesh, we would need to seek and following the leading of the Holy Spirit. Since that original strategy was set, God has surprised us with many opportunities that we could never have anticipated or developed on our own. These developments can be seen in the other mission pages of our website.



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