If I had to sum up MOO37 in just a few words, I could probably do it in two….“Trust God.” Leading up to the weekend retreat, I was feeling overwhelmed with being prepared enough to facilitate the weekend of teachings and activities, not to mention the daily duties of family and career. I was feeling crushed by the weight, until God said, “Trust Me.” It was in that moment that God reminded me that in MY weakness, HE is strong (2 Corinthians 12:9). And so, I did trust Him; as did the Men of Lake Valley that showed up at Tucker Lodge that April weekend. And once again, God did what He always does at this retreat; He showed up and changed lives!

Men of the Ouachitas is a unique opportunity for men to safely let down their guard to trust God and others with themselves….to be truly known and truly loved. Few men are ready to take this kind of step in their faith, but when they do, it is like going from wading in the kiddie pool to scuba diving in the ocean. You do not intend on going back! If you don’t believe me, just ask any one of the men in this photo.

Front Row Participants, left to right: Marc Owen, Bobby Jeffers, Jeremy Quast, Evan Greenwood, Andrew Russell, Larry Hardin, Tim Holmes
Back Row Servants: Steve Freeman, Mike Smith, Josh Garner, Roger Armstrong, Lance Horton,
Don Benton, Shane Carson, Rick Gammill

Men of the Ouachitas is more than a good thing, it’s a MOOvement! Trust God and see that He is good! Love you guys!