New Deacons

New Deacons

Today is an important day for the Lake Valley family. This morning, we will be recognizing eight men to serve as deacons. We use the phrase “serve as deacons” very intentionally because this is precisely what the name implies. In Acts 6, as the Christian movement was taking strong roots, the Apostles were beginning to see that the physical needs of the church were so great they could not focus on the spiritual welfare of the church. So, the Apostles appointed seven men to serve the body while allowing themselves the opportunity to “give attention to prayer and the ministry of the Word.” We believe that this is the forerunner of the role that Paul writes about in his letters.

The English word deacon comes from the Greek word diakonos which literally means “servant.” Even though we are all called to serve one another, some are called to lead out in this service. They are truly called to be servants of servants.

As these eight men step into the role of deacon and begin to formally do that which really they have already been doing, we encourage you to:

  1) pray for them by name,

  2) thank them for their service, and

  3) respond when asked to help them.

Lastly, we would like to thank all past and present deacons for their service to this family. Our prayer is that God will greatly bless you because of your loyal service!

-The Elders

Current Deacons: Steve Baldwin, John Dennis, Charles Lynas, Tony Nation, John Nichols, Jim Scott, Ron Tucker

New Deacons: Jordan Bennett, Shane Carson, Rory Herndon, Jeremy King, Taylor Manatt, Cory Ohman, Mike Smith, Patrick Westerman



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