Our Adoption Story – The Kilgores

Our Adoption Story – The Kilgores

Selina, Jane, Cole, Anna Cate & Ben Kilgore

Our Lake Valley family has been such a big part of our adoption story. We will forever be grateful for all the prayers and support which began years ago when we first went through the process and have carried us through today. We are also thankful for our network of friends who have adopted or fostered. When talking to our kids about sharing our story, there are very different and specific feelings about the topic. So, what we can share is OUR story, mine and Ben’s. The kids have their own stories and they can share them as they choose. Each one has their own individual interpretation and feelings about their story. We pray our church family, who knows so much about them, will protect their stories and their tender hearts.

Ben and I always knew adoption was in our future. In our process of dating, adoption was discussed and this was something important to us both. When infertility became apparent, we knew that God had been preparing us for a different call. And it is a calling. Adoption isn’t easy. But, what we have learned is that parenting isn’t easy. We fail our kids daily. We miss cues. We pick battles that aren’t important. And every stinking day there is something hard. But isn’t this parenting? No matter the situation? It is so hard and gut wrenching. Just when we think we can’t do any more math, pick up shoes, or remind someone to brush their teeth…again, one of the kids with their crazy high emotional intelligence is loving on someone in need. A sticky big boy hand, a delicate hand, or a still pudgy baby hand reaches for ours and we are reminded that we are what they need here and now. We can’t worry about the future.

But we can pray. Please join us in praying for our family, to continue knitting us together. For peace and understanding in the hard. That their birth parents are healthy and find wholeness in Jesus. Pray that Cole, Anna Cate and Jane love and trust themselves and their story with Jesus. Also, pray for all kids in foster care that their parents can find redemption and healing in Christ. And, for the kids whose parents take longer to do that, we pray these children are placed with a loving, just right family for them.