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Lake Valley Community Church is an evangelical, nondenominational church started in June 1993. In the spring of that year, after literally years of prayer by some of us, couples and groups from several denominations and traditions began to run into one another. They discovered they had similar desires and dreams for a new church. Exploratory meetings were held in May, and on June 1, thirteen couples launched Lake Valley Community Church in the faith, hope, and love of our Lord Jesus Christ.


We began with the desire to offer a fresh approach to ministry which would complement the existing churches in Hot Springs. We wanted a church where we could be taught and trained to live out our Christian faith Monday through Saturday, as well as on Sunday. We wanted a place where we could develop honest Christian friendships, friends who would encourage us to live lives of integrity for Christ and would also hold us accountable for our commitments. We wanted to learn not to retreat from a changing American culture, but to learn to love it unconditionally and win it for Christ. We needed help with our marriages and our children. We wanted a place to learn how to pray and worship God. All around us we saw needs that can only be met by whole-hearted followers of Jesus Christ.


We desired then and desire now to be a “church for others” as Jesus is a “man for others.” We didn’t want to be served, but to serve. Whether you are a “prodigal” son or daughter living out a rebellious lifestyle or a well-behaved “elder” brother or sister with a hypocritical heart, you are invited to come home! We desire to serve you, not by pointing you to “our church," but by pointing you to Jesus, who is the Way home.


We use the term a “Family of Families” to describe Lake Valley, because that’s really how we see ourselves - as one large family made up of smaller families just like yours!


We realize that trying to live our lives for Christ on the basis of our own good intentions gains us nothing but exhaustion and burned-out Christians who feel the need to present a masked appearance of themselves to the world. We want to be a place where we can all put aside those masks and be real with and accepted by one another no matter what that looks like!

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