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In 2008, the Elders of Lake Valley laid out a 3-phase strategy for engaging our World with the good news of Jesus.


Phase 1-


A. We will take advantage of select opportunities to participate, when invited to existing ministries worldwide to get our feet wet and build a body of experience that will inform our “own” mission endeavors.


B. We will find and participate in opportunities to encourage our body to “engage” in international, national, regional, and local service projects to build a Missional Church.


C. We will look for a ministry within the Americas to partner with to establish churches.  This should be close enough to provide easy access that will maximize participation.


Phase 2-


Lake Valley will establish and support its first ministry in the field and formally establish or plant a church in the Americas, most likely Spanish speaking.


Phase 3-


Lake Valley will establish or plant other churches including more difficult areas such as Africa, 10/40 window, etc…


These phases will not be “hard partitions” but rather will be general directions that provide focus.  In other words, these Phases may take place in conjunction with one another building from Phase 1 to 3.


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