Pray More Team

Pray More Team

Pray More Team

“Please pray for our cousin to be healed from her cancer.”

“Please pray for my classmate because he broke his collarbone.”

“Please pray for Jesus to be in my heart this week.”

“Praise God. I was sick, but feeling better now.”

“Pray for my mom as she starts her new job.”

These are prayer requests from our LVCC kids. Out of the mouths of babes come great lessons for us all. Taking our needs and concerns, along with our thanksgivings, to our Heavenly Father and allowing our family of families to walk alongside us in prayer is what community is all about.

Each week during Learning Center, our kids are given an opportunity to submit prayer requests. A family or two is also contacted each week and asked to share any prayer requests they may have for their children or family. These requests are then given to the Pray More team, which meets on Mondays at 10 am in Seminar D. After these godly women meet and pray over the submitted requests, each child receives a card letting them know that their needs and concerns were brought before the Lord.

Below is a small glimpse into the heart of Rebecca Benefield, a member of the Pray More Team.

“My prayer life started forty-three years ago. As a young woman, I was so hungry for everything Jesus had for me. New in my walk with Christ, I had several older women ask if I would like to join them for prayer every week. When we met together, we asked the Holy Spirit to lead us in how to pray. We had no discussion or journals, but just dove into prayer. These women were serious about hearing God’s heart about how to pray. I learned by example and saw many miracles in my young adult years. Twelve years later, I moved to Hot Springs. Bonnie Wrublesky began attending Lake Valley the very same Sunday I did. Soon, the Lord put us together. Our journey started thirty-one years ago as friends, sisters, prayer partners and so much more. We are both so honored to help lead our prayer group at Lake Valley. We have such a oneness with each other, as well as with the women with whom we pray. We would love to invite any of our women, who feel led to join, to come alongside of us. We will not meet on November 20th, but on November 27th, Vonda Holloway will join us to share her own story. Please come!”

Our desire is that you, too, will be praying for our LVCC kids! God has entrusted our Lake Valley family with this great responsibility to raise up godly children. So, please pray for our kids. Pray for their protection and strength. Pray for their wisdom and direction in following God. Prayer can be our most powerful tool in shaping their lives. – Amy Simmons


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