Prospective Elder – Chris Menzies

Prospective Elder – Chris Menzies

The Menzies Family
Chris, Ben, Tessa, Melia and Chay

The Menzies family had not been to a church in almost a year when we stumbled through the doors of Lake Valley in 2006. We were a little jaded about churches and the people in them. This church seemed different than the other places we had been and it felt a little awkward to us. But, as the people in this church began to love on us and show us grace we could grow in, we realized that this is the family for whom we had been looking. We were home.

My beautiful wife, Melia, and I have been married for 26 years. We run a small electrical business in Hot Springs. We have a son named Chay who is going to be in the seventh grade next year at Lake Hamilton. Our daughter, Tessa, was married a year ago to her husband and our new son, Ben. They currently live in Fayetteville.

Lake Valley has become our home and our family. Our lives have been transformed through this church as we have been discipled alongside so many of you. We have served this body as Home Group pastors and led First Principle groups. Melia helps feed the youth on many Wednesday nights and I spend time working with 4KK.

I am so humbled and honored to be considered to become an elder. During this process, God has humbled me even more. He has shown me once again that I am at my best when I am listening to His voice and then following His lead. His timing is SO much better than mine. I feel like God is calling me to help lead this church into the next chapter in Lake Valley’s story. My hope is that we can follow the Spirit together. I pray that we are a church of discipleship and that God continues to transform lives and families through us. – CHRIS MENZIES