Prospective Elder – Tyler Choate

Prospective Elder – Tyler Choate

The Choate Family
Husdon, Wesley, Connor & Tyler

My wife, Wesley, and I originally moved to Hot Springs in July of 2007 from Dallas, Texas. This was the first time I had lived outside the state of Texas. Wes grew up in Hot Springs attending Lake Valley. Her parents, Mark and Suzanne Russell, were one of the original families that founded Lake Valley twenty-six years ago. We also knew others who were members at Lake Valley, so when we moved to Hot Springs, this felt like a natural place for us to be. But, we truly began to feel connected with Lake Valley after joining a home group. It was there we found an amazing community of believers with whom we were growing and “doing life” together and many from this group remain our best friends to this day.

Wes and I have been married for fifteen years and have two sons, Hudson (9) and Connor (5). Wes has been a stay at home mom since Hudson was born. Now that both boys are in school full time, she gets to devote attention to her passion for painting abstract art. She is an incredible artist, but an even more incredible wife, mother, friend, and follower of Jesus. Hudson and Connor are students at Lakeside. Hudson will be in the 4th grade and Connor will be a kindergartener next year. They love playing sports, especially basketball or baseball, or anything that allows them to be outside. I own Choate Capital Management where I work as a financial advisor. I absolutely love what I do and am so grateful that God led me to this career.

Over the past several years I have served in many roles, both at Lake Valley as well as outside of Lake Valley, to which I believe God was calling me. I was both humbled and honored when asked if I would be interested in serving as an elder. I pray daily that God will lead me and my family in the direction that He wants us to go and that we will follow. I have prayed over the decision to be an elder and believe God is calling me to serve our church body in this way. I aspire to serve our Lord in any role or capacity He wants me to, and I will follow Him wherever He leads.

My hope for Lake Valley as God leads us into the future, is that we listen to Him, trust Him and obey Him. I pray that our leaders will boldly lead us down the path He has planned for us. I hope that every person at Lake Valley finds a community of believers that they can “do life” with. I hope that every person at Lake Valley experiences the unconditional love and grace of Christ deep in his or her heart. And finally, I pray that experiencing His unconditional love and grace leads to a life changing personal relationship with Him. – TYLER CHOATE