Restoration Project Base Camp

Restoration Project Base Camp

Base Camp Leaders & Participants

“Like nothing I’ve ever felt before.” – 2019 BASE CAMP PARTICIPANT

4,360 miles traveled to attend, 3 states represented (Illinois, Florida, and Arkansas), 3 baptisms (on Father’s Day), 2 dads served on staff together with their sons, 15 father and son pairs, 2 acres of poison ivy, and some amazing weather for Arkansas in June.

“Yes sir, you sir. No sir, not I sir,” echoed off Tucker Lodge and was reported by Bismarck locals to the local newspaper on Father’s Day 2019. “It woke me from my afternoon nap,” stated one of the fishermen that fell out of his boat, startled by the bellowing retort of one of the dads at Base Camp 2019.

Base Camp Baptism

Base Camp is in its second year here in Arkansas and is a program of the Restoration Project of Fort Collins, Colorado and was staffed completely this year by local dads and sons. The purpose of the weekend is to provide space for a father to be intentional with his son. This year was a big year for sons and dads. Stories were told, s’mores were made, and blessings were spoken with intention. All of these were working together to call out the God-shaped hearts of the boys that participated with their dads.

A big thank you to the families who staffed this year: Waltons, Manatts, Kilgores, Halls and Wrights. – JOSH WRIGHT