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Suzi Dennis is a self-taught, working artist who works out of her studio at her home in Hot Springs, Arkansas. An artist all her life, she was unable to seriously pursue her career until about 1987 when, after raising two children, she took out her paintbrush and went to work. While living in St. Louis, Mo. In 1993, she began to travel the art fair circuit participating in Art Fairs in Missouri, Tennessee, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Arizona and Alabama to name a few.  In 1995 she and her husband moved to Hot Springs, and in 1997 she was able to open her Studio, Painted Papers Art Studio, in downtown Hot Springs, and in the fall of 2004, she had a studio built at her home and where she continues to pursue her love of art while holding down a full time job. Her original medium for 8 years was watercolor, but she later became interested in learning more about the ancient art of paper making which eventually led to her present process of painting papers and gluing them together to make collages. Her inspiration comes from life, a montage of sights and emotions that touch the human spirit. Her motto "ART TO MATCH YOUR HEART, NOT YOUR COUCH" says it all. "The images are given to me and come from my heart to yours."


Suzi Dennis

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