Taking Care of One Another

Taking Care of One Another

Many years ago, I prayed that God would place me in a church with a strong women’s ministry that would spiritually feed me and challenge me. I have found that here at Lake Valley. During my years at LVCC, I have been challenged to discover my God-given talents and to learn how to use them within my church and my community for the advancement of God’s Kingdom. Being intentional in developing good, healthy relationships with my brothers and sisters in Christ is important. I think that how we work together as a community of believers can and does impact the Hot Springs area more than we realize.

While my mom and I have a good relationship, she does not attend church or have any church family. She knows that my faith and my church family are extremely important to me, but once told me that she does not like attending church because she feels that churches in our country are filled with hypocrites who do not treat their own members the way Christians should treat one another. 

My mom and stepfather, Steve, moved back to Hot Springs five years ago due to Steve’s health issues. During that same time, I had several surgeries. After each of my surgeries, both Steve and my mom witnessed the care I received from the Lake Valley family, including financial blessings, transportation and food. Then, Steve passed away due to his health conditions and only seven days later, I had knee surgery. After Steve’s death, my mom had the distraction of helping me recover and once again saw how the Lake Valley community rallied around us like family. We were again given financial blessings, provided enough meals that we barely cooked for three months, and were encouraged by friends who came to visit and to relieve my mom for a spell.

As a result of what she has witnessed, my mom now tells anyone who will listen that Lake Valley is a church where our actions speak louder than our words – that we take care of each other. She has been so impressed with how we love one another. It fills me with joy, love and happiness in knowing that my church family is learning how “community” looks in action. I strongly believe that when we are taking care of one another, we are able to encourage and support members of the family as they go out into the community and beyond to spread the good news.

Thank you so much for showing my mother how Christians should treat one another. It has made more of an impact on her and her friends than you could ever know.