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Our goal in the United States is to start and strengthen churches. We are committed to help these churches not only by developing and sending out leaders but also developing leaders within and existing local body.


To accomplish this goal in the US we may use many forms. We work with individual leaders and elders of other churches to assist in their development while learning from them at the same time. This creates some very close bonds. (Examples are The Outpost in Denver, Co The Bridge Community Church in Ruston, LA and Twin Cities Church in Minneapolis, MN.)


Additionally, we provide church based theological training via video conferencing.  This is a great tool that helps pastors and others obtain a seminary degree while remaining in their local church body.  Lake Valley also works with other churches and teams, partnering resources and gifting to accomplish the church startup and strengthening goal.


Other forms of mission ministry in the US include sending teams to an area where a natural disaster has occurred and then walking alongside a local church within the disaster area. This was done by many Lake Valley members in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Our teens have traveled to other cities, such as Dallas, Chicago, Nashville, and New Orleans.


Lake Valley is committed to starting and strengthening churches in the United States. The primary resources we give to this effort are staff time, lay member time, money, encouragement and prayer.

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