Women of the Ouachitas

Women of the Ouachitas

Women of the Ouachitas: My Journey

For the past several years, God has put a yearning in my heart for work. As a stay at home mom, I was feeling a void in that aspect of my life. So, I began fervently praying for God to show what that “work” would be for me. A couple of small businesses came and went, and the longing still remained. I prayed, journaled, read, and waited.

A series of events created the need for a re-birth of what was then known at LVCC as Crowns of Creation. I was asked to pray about leading this redesign. I did exactly that for one month. I prayed specifically for God to guide me and show me HIS plan for my life. I felt incapable, unworthy, scared, but at the same time very excited! God showed me during that time of waiting and praying that He had given me gifts and life experiences that He could use if I would say “YES” and TRUST HIM.

So, I, along with Rhonda Golden and Tonia Lambert, had the honor of leading four Lake Valley women through Women of the Ouachitas (WOO-1) in April. It is truly a humbling and overwhelming experience when you step out in faith and join God on mission! The retreat went amazingly well. It will be an ever-evolving process, but we are thrilled with the overall success of WOO-1! That God would allow me to join Him in this ministry is humbling. I truly feel this is His call on my life at this particular time and that I was created “for such a time as this.” It is exciting to be available to hear the call of God, to respond and to feel the joy that obedience brings. We can’t wait to watch God work in the lives of the WOO participants, and see the fruit that it creates, as women are launched into their destiny. That, to me, will be the ultimate earthly reward.

We are now anxiously awaiting WOO-2 in October and the three retreats scheduled for 2019! Watch for more WOO info and a participant sign up sheet late in the summer. Our desire is for every woman at Lake Valley to experience WOO. – JAMIE CARSON