Front Row (L to R): Laura Andriotis, Anne Bennett, Kathy Wallace, Dawn Geiger, Kylie Walton, Katie Hall, Amy Simmons, Kirsten Nieman
Back Row (L to R): Tonia Lambert, Abbey Cox, Laci Stone, Holly Nieman, Sarah Wright, Heather Slay, Katie Henson, Lindsay Hassell, Margaret Wheatley, Jean Brooks, Jamie Carson, Rhonda Golden

My WOO journey started before I was born. My story, with all its mess, failures, and beauty was fashioned by a loving Creator to be used to bring glory to Himself… wait… all of it? Seriously? That truth alone has brought me more freedom, healing, and joy, as I continue to learn how deeply I am seen, loved, and accepted. God allowed all of it, and He brings eternal influence from it.

Leading up to and during each WOO retreat, I still find a previously undiscovered aspect of my life and story that needs to be shared, prayed over, repented of, healed from, or utilized for the benefit of someone else. The riches in our stories and the lessons are still being written…the process never stops. Those who accept the challenge of the retreat process, share in victories over past hurts, face fears and shame, and yes, almost always shed some tears together. Sharing our stories together is one of the greatest gifts we offer to the Lord first, and then to those with us.

So many of us are simply too fearful or unwilling to trust that the Lord has divine intention with every aspect of our stories. Do we really believe that? Are we willing to accept that God’s work is about using our stories, even the parts that we wish were not there, to love others and meet their urgent needs? Is your vision for your story that big? I know myself, and I have to trust Christ to believe that could be said of my story. Anytime there is potential for healing and redemption of our tragedies, we will face opposition. Any movement toward our created purpose, and we are met with our own doubts and lies launched by the enemy. He doesn’t want us being still before the Lord with pointed and personal introspection, sharing private thoughts, struggles, and deep hurts. He wants us to avoid the setting at all cost. Don’t miss your invitation for greater freedom and healing in Christ, and a deeper understanding of yourself, others and our Creator.

Our intention for your WOO retreat is a meaningful encounter with God and His people. Out of that encounter, our prayer is that you gain a deeper understanding of how much you are loved, uniquely gifted, and designed to live out His Gospel calling for your life. – TONIA LAMBERT

“If we enter our story in heartache, we will hear the whisper of the name that will one day be ours.” ― DAN ALLENDER, To Be Told: Know Your Story, Shape Your Future